The movie starts with 2 packersback Jack, (Griffin Dunne) and David (David Naughton) walking threw the countryside in England, in which they came across an inn the slaughtered lamb, they decided to go in and ask for some food, in which the barkeeper told them there isnt any food and ask them to leave, as they were leaving they were warn to stick to road. They accidentally leave the road and walk off into the moors, but they didnt know that they were hunted by a wolf, in which they get attack and Jack gets killed by and David is save by the man at the inn.

David wakes up a week later in a hospital in which some police man told David that his Jack was killed ask him what happen, David told them it was a wolf, but they didnt belive him as there werent any wolves London, they just belive it was some mad man on the lose.

David is visited by Jack in which is dead he came to tell him to take his on life as in next full moon he will change in into a werewolf and go around killing people, and turn them into people like JAKE who cant rest until the werewolf is killed, cause at this time David is quite shocked and dosent belive Jack.

Of course in the next full moon he changes into a werewolf and goes around killing people, in which in the next day wakes up in the zoo.

The day of the next full moon David gets a visit from Jack in which they go into a porn theater to talk, Jack introduces the people David murdered the last full moon in they all agree that David should take his life, they leave and David is still in the theater in which he changes aagin into the best and kills a man that is the theater. This time he runs around the streets of london causing terror to those who are on the street, this is the last night he murders people as the police corner him in an alley and shoots hom with an sliver bullet.

first victim the man at the subway Gerald Bringsley


second and third victim Harry Berman and his fiancee Judith Browns


4th 5th and 6th victim, Alf, Ted and Joseph

This a fine piece of work from John Landis, one of my all time favourites and probley John Landis best work.

Cut Footage

When this movie was made a scene had to be cut, but good news the scene was restored for the Dvd release, if like to know what was cut, the scene is in the porn theater, The only one that was really noticeable was the cinema scene where a bobby shines his torch on the gutted corpse - the modified scene deleted the shot of the disembowelled corpse and cut straight from flashlight to werewolf.


This transfer is presented in an aspect ratio of 1.85:1, and is 16x9 enhanced. Sadly, the overall quality of the transfer average


This is a good audio transfer, and generally supports the film quite nicely.

There are only two audio tracks available, English in 5.1 Dolby Digital, and a commentary track presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 surround.



Actor's Commentary

Behind the Scenes

Outtakes (this is a real laugh)

Interview with John Landis

Interview with Rick Baker

Focus on Technical Effects

Storyboard to Film Comparison

Still Gallery

It whould have been great to get the dts sound track in which the region 1 got.

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